Seriously? Sears?

bunny cute ears easter bunny
Photo by Mike Bird on

At this point I’ve given up having anything meaningful to say about the tragedy that is Sears — that I and any number of people haven’t said before. It is inconceivable that this travesty continues and that some people still believe in the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy and Eddie Lampert. He continues to insult the intelligence of his employees, his customers, his investors and mankind in general with this never-ending charade that he only wants to make Sears great again. (Hmmmmm, where we have heard that before?)

No links here, I don’t want to waste your time with any more gruesome details on his latest shenanigans on store closings and spin doctoring. Needless to say, it is only more of the sad, sad same.

Beyond Stupid.

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