Putting the “Home” Into Home Furnishings

ladders leaning against house in front of trees
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

If you buy everything else for your home from Amazon, why not the home itself? That seems to be the reasoning at the giant e-tailer which now sells a pretty impressive assortment of houses — not for Barbie or your pet — but for you to live in. Ikea is getting into the home business too, albeit with a different twist. If all of this sounds vaguely familiar it’s because the country’s largest retailer at the time did the same exact thing — 100 years ago. No matter which century, there’s nothing Stupid about any of this at all.
Read more in my new Business of Home post: https://businessofhome.com/articles/would-you-buy-a-house-from-a-kit-these-modern-mega-retailers-are-betting-on-it

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