Springing into Trends

man looking at a rock formation
Photo by Tobias Bjørkli on Pexels.com

There may not be anybody better than Tom Mirabile at understanding the home furnishings consumer and now he’s ready to share his insights with his new trend forecasting service Springboard Insights. He’s just launched the new report after a career with some of the leading companies in the field, but that’s not all. He takes a very different approach to helping people understand what’s next that removes the gobblygook trend-speak nonsense and replaces it with hard data. It’s a quite fascinating approach, one you should know more about.

Here’s the news article announcing the launch with more details: https://www.homeworldbusiness.com/mirabile-pinpoints-2020-consumer-trends/

And full disclosure, I will be working with Tom on this new venture in an advisory role but that only confirms why I think this is something very important.

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