Monday Update: Nearly 1 Million Retail Jobs Available Due to Coronavirus

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Even as so many workers are being laid off by many retailers, hotels, airlines, restaurants and virtually every other business type in the country, another group of retailers is on a hiring spree with as many as half million open positions in need of being filled.

Companies like Walmart, Amazon, Kroger, dollar stores, drug chains and some fast food restaurants – the ones who sell household essentials, food, drugs, takeout food and other basics – are on the plus side of the coronavirus crisis and are in desperate need of additional workers as America hunkers down at home.

Such is the nature of this pandemic that the haves and have-nots of retailing are being redefined as never before in retailing history. Traditionally strong businesses like Walmart and Amazon are being joined by grocery stores and pizza chains that haven’t always been the darlings of the business world.

Here is a current list of those retail businesses that have announced they are looking for additional workers. These numbers include jobs both in the stores themselves as well as in warehouses and distribution centers. Other retailing businesses have announced they are hiring but have not given hard numbers.\

This list will be updated on a regular basis as more stores announce hiring:

Albertsons:         30,000

Aldi:                       7,500

Amazon:           100,000

CVS:                    50,000

Dollar General:  50,000

Dollar Tree:        25,000

Domino’s Pizza: 10,000

Instacart:           300,000

Kroger:                 10,000

Lidl:                         1,000

Papa John’s:         20,000

Pizza Hut:             30,000

Publix:                    2,000

Rite Aid:                 5,000

7-Eleven:              20,000

Tractor Supply:     5,000

Stop & Shop:         5,000

Walgreens:            9,500

Walmart:           150,000

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