Bed Bath Escapes Coronavirus Hit in Q4…

mona lisa protection protect virus
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…but it’s going to get worse for the troubled retailer before it gets better. In reporting its results for the fourth quarter and the fiscal year, BBB had declines in revenue and profits. But because they weren’t as bad as analysts had forecast some people responded that this was good news. And even though this quarter ended Feb. 29 before the coronavirus caused retail to essentially shut down, the. problems that have plagued the retailer remained. The real CV hits will come in its first quarter, we’ll learn more in three months.

In the meantime, the company still has a lot of work to do to make up for some Stupid decisions made by prior management. More details in my new report:–beyond-takes-q4-coronavirus-hit-with-more-to-come/#54dc1c4b6f60

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