The Great Retail Stall

woman in yellow tshirt and beige jacket holding a fruit stand
Photo by Anna Shvets on

Just as most of American retailing was starting to reopen following a disastrous spring shutdown it looks like we could be in for round two. New store traffic numbers from a service that tracks such things,, indicates that the return of shoppers to physical stores has begun to slow down again, starting in late June and into July. Whereas in May and the first part of June, traffic was starting to recover that has reversed, at least in the three department store chains they tracked: Macy’s, Penney and Dillard’s.

It’s another consequence of our incredibly Stupid response to the Covid pandemic and the lack of uniform, intelligent and enforced rules about social distancing and mask wearing. Blame our federal and state governments and blame those who ignore scientific and medical expertise and listen instead to TV networks and ignorant and partisan politicians.

A very sad tale, here are more details from my new post:

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