Captain Kirkland

Photo by Pedro Figueras on

OK, have to admit this space rarely triumphs the successful business. If it did, the site name would no doubt need to be changed, ya think? So, let’s take a break from the world of the Stupid to talk about a retail business that seems to be anything but. Kirkland’s, in case you aren’t familiar with it, is a 350-store operation that specializes in gift and home decor products. And not too long ago it was being given up for dead. But in what seems like a rather remarkable turnaround, it is doing lots of things right…and it’s paying off. Make no mistake: it’s the right store in the right space in the marketplace right now. But that by itself is not enough to account for this story.

Here’s more on Kirkland’s and what they are doing to do the Smart thing right now, from my new post:—and-its-working/?sh=73707bdc3c52

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