Adam Neumann Is At It Again

Don’t look now but the market for home furnishings and remodeling products for rental homes and apartments is entering an entirely new business model. As much as a quarter of all residential properties are now owned by investors who are largely looking to rent them out or at best flip them quickly for a profit. That means the kinds of things they put into these properties — from doors and floor coverings to furniture if they plan to supply them fully furnished — are radically changing to inexpensive, durable and, what The Atlantic described as “innocuous” products. Not exactly the “Forever home” aesthetic that many designers and retailers are still aspiring to.

It’s why those in the business of selling products for homes need to understand the new dynamics of the residential real estate market…including WeWork founder Adam Neumann’s latest “branded apartment concept” called Flow.

Read all about it in my new analysis in The Robin Report:

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