Was Your Towel Once a Pepsi Bottle?

Like much of the rest of the consumer products world, the people who make home textiles products like sheets and towels are trying to get with the sustainability program…with varying degrees of success. These days, it’s called circularity, a catching handle for taking used stuff like plastic soda bottles, scraps of old fabrics and assorted other debris and making it into new products. (Remember this is an industry that rebranded polyester as microfiber and called fabric that was 60/40 blends of cotton and poly “cotton rich.”)

Anyway, it’s a hot thing in this business and lots of companies — from vendors to retailers like Williams Sonoma — are getting in on it. It’s all good, with the right intentions and many very well done executions. Let’s see how the consumer responds to all of this…and for how long

Read the details in my new Robin Report story: https://www.therobinreport.com/your-new-towel-may-have-once-been-a-water-bottle/

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