Top 5 Warrensreport Stories of 2022

It’s the kind of thing writers like us do at this time of the year: present the list of the best read stories of the year. So, who am I to break tradition? It’s an eclectic mix, though one heavily weighted to the top topic of the year in this space, Bed Bath & Beyond, which takes four out of five positions on this list. So, here you go, along with links to read — or reread — these again. And then onto 2023…

  1. Is BBB About to Go to the Great Beyond (Aug. 19):
  2. New York Magazine Should be Embarassed by its Bedsheet Advice (May 2):
  3. Possible Suicide & Alleged Fraud Add to Bed Bath & Beyond Tragic Situation (Sept. 4):
  4. Which 5 Companies Could Buy Bed Bath & Beyond (Oct. 14):
  5. Suicide is Not Painless (Sept. 15):

Happy reading, Happy New Year and have a very happy 2023.

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