Happy (Unhappy?) Chinese New Year’s

Perhaps it’s a little cavelier to say that later this month when hundreds of millions of Chinese celebrate the New Year’s by traveling back home from the cities where they work that they could be buying t-shirts that read “I went home for New Year’s and all I got was Covid.” But that could very well be the biggest consequence of this year’s event as the lifting of restrictions in China combined with a population that has largely been ineffectively vaccinated could result in massive infection rates. For American importers and retailers who count on steady supplies of Chinese goods the potential for yet another disruption in the supply chain looms large later this winter.

Here’s the lay of the land, so to speak, and what could it mean for U.S. companies who do business with China: https://businessofhome.com/articles/a-covid-surge-combined-with-chinese-new-year-could-spell-supply-chain-delays?utm_source=daily_newsletter&utm_medium=email

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