Who Wrote the Book of High Point?

I’ve been going to the High Point Furniture Market for a very long time — my first trip was in 1978 — and yet I was astounded at what I didn’t know about the city it calls home after reading a new book called Showroom City, subtitled “Real Estate and Resistance in the Furniture Capital of the World.” Any market goer knows the city is consumed with furniture and it is the heart and soul of the place. What most of us don’t know I bet is how it got there…how decisions were made that guaranteed it would be about sofas and credenzas and — until at least fairly recently — not much else. How it once had a vibrant African-American business district that operated separate and parallel — peacefully parallel — to its white counterpart. And so many other things that are absolutely fascinating. On the eve of the April market in High Point, it’s a great read. Here’s my review in Business of Home.


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