Barney’s Lives

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Barney’s is dead. Long live Barney’s.

No sooner had Barney’s, the legendary luxury specialty retailer, begun its liquidation and wind-down, then it reappeared as part of Saks Fifth Avenue. The department store has licensed the name from Authentic Brand Groups which had purchased the intellectual properties out of bankruptcy proceedings. So just before the start of the new year, Barney’s showed up as a landing page on the Saks website, complete with a couple of thousand products that, theoretically at least, had been Barney’s mainstays.

Will shoppers buy this transplant procedure? I have my doubts and wouldn’t be surprised if before it’s all over Barney’s is a souvenir logo counter in the back of Saks and buried deep within its web pages. Stupider things have happened.

More on this whole thing in this post:

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