A better BBB

Photo by Miguel u00c1. Padriu00f1u00e1n on Pexels.com

With its Q1 numbers just released, Bed Bath & Beyond continues on its turnaround with better results, though certainly there are still more corners to turn before we can say total victory. But considering where they started not too long ago, they’ve made remarkable progress over the past 16 months. There’s still plenty of doubters out there, I get it. But without the changes they are making how much worse would things have gotten? To not think this has a decent shot of working is just Stupid.

Here’s my take on the retailer’s progress over the past three months in my new Forbes.com post: https://www.forbes.com/sites/warrenshoulberg/2021/06/30/will-bed-bath–beyonds-improved-performance-be-enough-to-catch-competitors/?sh=d24b7687be1e

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