BBB: The Long & The Short of It all

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There’s a reason why many people are very Smart to not play the stock market. Many times what happens to a company’s share price has very little to do with the value of the company itself and more with outside influences. Case in point: Bed Bath & Beyond. This week the stock was on another rock’em/sock’em roll as short sellers were suspected of driving the share price up to cover their losses as the stock price skyrocketed, as much as 100% at one point. There was good news coming out of the company…but it wasn’t that good. My look at all of this on is from just a few hours after it all started and subsequent to that burst the stock has calmed down a bit. But it just proves civilians who aren’t totally consumed with the market but still try to invest are just plain Stupid.

Here you go:–beyond-stock-soars-70-after-hours/?sh=745ede7b56a6

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