Category Killer B’s Get Stung

Bed Bath & Beyond and Best Buy share many things besides their alliterative names. They are both category killer retailers, born out of another era, who are trying to evolve for a very different marketplace. And while they both have their struggles, clearly Bed Bath is in the worse shape right now, having just dumped its CEO and chief merchant as its business appears to be in a free-fall. Best Buy is in better condition but certainly has its own set of problems.

So, it seems like a good time to take closer looks at both of them. I’ve just written a new piece for The Robin Report on Best Buy, questioning some of its recent operational and merchandising decisions:

And here’s an earlier piece from this spring, also in The Robin Report, on why the strategies put in place by now-ex CEO Mark Tritton at Bed Bath & Beyond weren’t working as well as similar initiatives he was involved with at his previous job at Target. The points are still very much valid:

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