Lore-less at Walmart

With its recent sale of Moosejaw, Walmart continues to deconstruct the e-commerce strategy of Marc Lore, the man they brought in with its purchase of his Jet.com business in 2016 for $3.3 billion. It sure looks like a repudiation of his plan of buying up niche boutique brands to expand Walmart’s online business. Instead the Big Bentonville Boy has focused on its grocery business as the Trojan Horse to combat Amazon…and it’s working too. It remains way behind — as in waaaaay behind — Amazon but it’s growing faster than its competitor. Read this analysis of how this latest sale continues to move Walmart’s online business back to basics:

One comment

  1. Hey Warren,

    It’s been way too long and I want to tell you that your commentary and opinions over the past year have been even more spot on than usual. Always a fun and informative read!

    Hoping that you’ll be in Chicago for the show and we can catch-up. I’ll be in the Equity Brands booth – Lakeside 11918.

    Best regards, Jim


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