The OJ Trap

brown wooden mouse trap with cheese bait on top
Photo by Skitterphoto on

When Kanye West and The Gap announced they would be working together for the next ten years on a new co-branded program called Yeezy Gap it got a lot of people’s attention. A faded retail brand and a hip-hop/social media darling were connecting and it seemed as if this was just what each of them needed.

Now, maybe not so much. After Kanye’s latest tabloid exploits over the past two weeks — where do we even begin? — the deal seems somewhat less ideal. It could well fall in the fabled OJ Trap, where using a real live person has the potential to present real live problems for the company signing on to this plan. OJ Simpson was not the first and maybe not even the worst celebrity tie-in who fell from marketing grace but he certainly wasn’t the last either.

Read on in my new post on why ersatz names are usually better than real ones…but only usually (Does Aunt Jemima ring a recent bell?).

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