I’m Podcasting Now…

Photo by Magda Ehlers on Pexels.com

As if there weren’t enough of me out there in the cosmos, I’ve now starting a new podcast series with Business of Home called Retail Watch that…well, watches retail. My first conversation is with Jesse James, who is not the infamous outlaw back from the wild west but the founder of the Shoppe Object show talking about the trade show situation, the gift and home industry and whatever else we meandered into. It’s a pretty smart session — not too long I hope — and I don’t think I said anything Stupid.

Check it out: https://retail-watch.simplecast.com/episodes/jesse-james-co-founder-of-shoppe-object-on-what-makes-for-a-great-trade-show


  1. Wow, your words appear in a wide variety of publications, you were great on those pandemic zoom events, and now you’re doing podcasts! Congrats, it was a good listen, and it was good to hear your voice again. You’re becoming the Prince of All Media!

    There’s one natural next step …..Spotify. A well-crafted Playlist featuring the best Songs of Retail. You could do a Dept Store mix, a Specialty Store mix, and a special oldies mix for out of business retailers. Can’t wait.


  2. Thanks Jim, good to hear from you. You know me, if someone will listen/read/watch what I say, who am I to refuse them. Will take the play list concept under advisement, you may have something there. Hope all good with you, Warren


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